Neotropical Ornithological Society

About NOS

The Neotropical Ornithological Society (NOS) is a non-profit organization that promotes the scientific study of birds and their habitats in the Neotropical Region. NOS was founded in 1987 by Dr. Mario A. Ramos Olmos.NOS disseminates scientific research through our website, our journal Ornitología Neotropical, and the Neotropical Ornithological Congress, a scientific conference held every four years. NOS members include researchers, bird enthusiasts, research institutions, and libraries from all over the world. Join us!
NOS also offers grants through our François Vuilleumier Fund of Research on Neotropical Birds. NOS is a member of the Ornithological Council.
NOS is led and managed by an elected executive committee and board that include the following people:

Submission to Ornitología Neotropical

Original articles up to 8 pages long incur a total cost of $70, and additional pages are charged at $70 each. Short notes, with a maximum length of 4 pages, have a total cost of $50, and additional pages for short notes are priced at $50 each. If authors require assistance with manuscript payment, fees may be fully or partially waived on a case-by-case basis upon request to the journal editor. Members of the Neotropical Ornithological Society submitting manuscripts as first authors are entitled to publish two articles free of charge per year.

Submit your contributions to (ornitologia.neotropical@gmail.com)